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Are You Over-Mulching Your Trees?

Why Use Professional Tree Mulching Services

Over the past couple of decades, even so-called professional landscaping service providers have started a trend of over mulching trees. Although a fresh layer of mulch may look nice sometimes, you could be over-mulching your trees, causing stress and a decrease in vigor, and this is why you should only benefit from proven and reliable tree mulching services.

Take “mulch volcanoes” for example. This term is used when mulch is piled high directly against the trunk of trees, creating a volcano shape. They are very harmful to trees and cause many symptoms of deterioration. Mulching in this manner can even send the tree into irreversible decline.

Problems Associated with Over-Mulching Trees

Root Suffocation/Root Rot

Deep layers of mulch cause waterlogged soil, slowing water loss by preventing evaporation. To breathe, roots must have sufficient oxygen exchange.

Development of Secondary Root System

Roots navigate to the nearest available oxygen and water source. Roots buried under the excessive mulch will begin to grow up into the mulch rather than down into the soil. This will cause roots to encircle the trunk, killing the tree.

Inner Bark (Phloem) Stress

Continuous moisture on the trunk prevents the phloem tissue from the proper gas exchange, leading to poor nutrient uptake and, eventually, death.

Proper Methods for Tree Mulching Services
Whether a DIY work or you rely on a professional tree contractor, you must make sure the following are complied with.

  • 2-4 inches in-depth;
  • Keep all mulch 3-4 inches away from the trunk, exposing the root flare zone;
  • Mulch to the tree’s drip line (outermost circumference of a tree canopy where water drips from and onto the ground);

Always take some of the old mulch away before adding a new layer. Applying fresh mulch over former in successive years is the same as using too deep of a layer all at once. If you have any questions about volcano mulching or tree & shrub health, post your comment below. I’d love to start up a discussion.

If you are in or around the Upper Darby, PA area and looking for professional tree mulching services, know that JP Tree Service LLC is the contractor you can trust!

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