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How to Grow Healthy Trees

Common Mistakes in Tree Mulching That You Must Avoid

Tree mulching your trees will lead to healthy growths. Mulch prevents soil erosion and keeps rainwater from breaking away the soil. To get the proper mulching composition, learn from the professionals. Otherwise, you could be facing these troublesome mistakes in tree mulching.

Mulching too close to the tree trunk

This is also referred to as mulch volcano as the mulch is abundantly dumped like a volcano down the tree trunk. Piling directly on the trunk or stem will keep trunk too wet and encourage shallow root systems which will eventually kill your growing tree plant.

Using green unprocessed materials to mulch

While organic mulches are the best around, using uncomposted organic materials such as grass clipping or wood from a chipper is not a wise thing to do. These substances can really be effective mulches if only they are treated properly. Otherwise, they can be damaging to your tree growths as they leech out essential nutrients from the soil.

Getting free mulch from the county or city-waste departments

Sourcing free mulch from city-waste departments is not safe. Since it’s often uncomposted, it can be potentially full of pesticides and destructive pests which can be easily transferred in your home.

Using plastic and fabric weed barriers

Using plastic and fabric barriers before mulching to keep the weeds away can bring negative effects. It can negate the aeration benefit of mulch that reduces soil compaction. Mulching itself can keep weeds away, so let go of the weed barriers.

Forget all your plans of DIY tree mulching and hire us instead JP Tree Service LLC. Hiring a professional team like us will help you avoid troublesome health issues with your growing trees. To personally discuss your specific demands and requirements with our team, feel free to give us a call today at (610) 507-2386 or visit us in Upper Darby, PA. Be sure to contact us now!

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