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How to Trim the Trees in Your Backyard

Tips on Trimming From an Affordable Tree Trimming Service

Are you thinking about trimming the trees in your backyard? The branches are starting to grow too close to the house, and some are even starting to snap off. Avoid these risky situations by getting affordable tree trimming services. But if you choose to do it on your own, the following are steps on how to trim the trees in your backyard.

Cut from top to bottom

Cutting the branches can be difficult without the right techniques. A professional who provides affordable tree trimming services would definitely advise you to cut the branches starting at the top and then make your way down to the bottom. However, most people would just cut randomly. It can be more convenient because you wouldn’t need a ladder. Cutting will be a lot easier if you start from the top and make your way downwards, and you can prevent injuries this way as well.

Remove thicker branches first

Thicker and larger branches carry the most weight, and they should be the first ones to go. If these large branches accidentally snap off, you can definitely get hurt as opposed to smaller ones that fall off. Use a saw or a chainsaw to cut at a specific angle, and let the branch fall down so that you won’t have to carry it yourself.

Decide on a method

There are specific methods in cutting branches. Some methods are used to remove heavier branches so that they won’t accidentally fall on top of something or someone. Other methods are used so that the angle of the cutting can leave a section of the branch for a new sprout to grow. It all depends on what kind of method you will choose.

Trimming the trees in the backyard shouldn’t be too challenging if you have the right equipment and if you follow these instructions to a tee. If you still need professional help, you can always call JP Tree Service LLC. We provide affordable tree trimming services to residents in Upper Darby, PA.

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