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Instead of giving up your own free time to handle the many maintenance chores each yard requires, hire our professionals to do the work for you in a timely and efficient manner! JP Tree Service LLC employs a skilled and experienced staff ready to provide you with excellent results at very reasonable rates. We operate within the greater Upper Darby, PA area where our services are available to all commercial and residential clients alike.


Mulching – High-quality mulch professionally added to your yard will greatly help nourish all your trees and plants, enabling them to grow healthy and withstand harsh weather better. Our professionals know exactly when and how this procedure is to be done for the optimal results. We use excellent mulch which contains no harmful chemicals and is sure to have a great effect on your plants.

Tree Trimming – After a while, a tree’s branches might become too big, too widely spread, and, in some cases, they may even become dry and brittle. Before this causes your tree to become a liability, make use of our trimming service and we will make sure that your tree’s branches are of adequate size, healthy, and not in danger of breaking off or causing the tree to tip over.

Shrub Trimming – Using excellent tools and techniques, our experts will trim all your shrubs making them uniform, neat, and more visually appealing. This service can also make your shrubs healthier in the long run, since the nutrients can now be allocated to fewer places.

Spring Cleanup – Every season leaves some form of organic debris on our yards. Leaving such debris to pile up is not a good idea since it can begin attracting bugs and insects, and it also provides a moist and inviting environment for mold to form in. We have the equipment and the able-bodied crew needed to provide you with a thorough yard cleanup!

Landscaping – Speak with our professional landscapers to create a personalized plan for your yard. Working closely with our clients, we can create a wonderful landscape you can enjoy for a very long time. This service can involve numerous procedures aimed towards making your property even more stunning and keeping your greenery healthy and thriving.

Lawn Care – Our company can provide you with such services as mowing, edging, fertilizing, and many more actions that will help your lawn remain both neat and healthy! This service is a real time-saver and comes at a very reasonable price.

Make use of all the services listed above by contacting JP Tree Service LLC at (610) 507-2386 and booking an appointment! We are available every day of the week right here in Upper Darby, PA!

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